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Cookies N’ Cream 1g cartridge by Jelly is an Indica leaning strain created through a cross of Starfighter and a GSC phenotype. The aroma is much like the name suggests, with sweet vanilla and nutty earthiness topped with creamy butter—a well-rounded strain featuring a euphoric headspace with a relaxing body sizzle. We like how this cookie crumbles; try it!

Cake cookies and cream cart is a crossbreed (hybrid) with conventional indica and sativa properties. It permits it some adaptability to its belongings, making it anything but a regular strain instead of a devoted indica or sativa.

Product Types Offered

Cookies N Cream Cart Cannabis Edibles: Cookies N Cream Cart edibles are tasty cannabis sweets individually infused with different concentrations of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. These sweets are made from high-quality flowers and are intended to satisfy different cannabis needs in a small, delectable treat.

Cookies Cannabis Pre-rolls: Cookies and cream cake cart enclose the decadent blossom in a carry-on, mouthwatering pre-roll experience. Each pre-roll has 0.7 grams of premium flower, making it ideal for sharing or solo use.

Cookies Cannabis Flower: Cookies and Cream Cart only provides the highest-quality flowers. To ensure that each batch satisfies the team’s high standards for quality, it is put through rigorous third-party lab testing.


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