Purple Hurricane


Hurricane is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid from Colorado breeders Reserva Privada that combines the spicy Haze genetics of Panama Punch with the OG Kush flavors of the award-winning LA Confidential. These flowers give off a mix of fruity smells with undertones of spice, and an earthy, herbal flavor when smoked or vaporized. Its potent mix of indica and sativa genetics produces a pleasant, giggly head high with a pain-relieving indica effects, and is generally considered suitable for daytime use.


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Purple Hurricane is a sativa dominant hybrid, with a genetic makeup that leans towards 70% sativa and 30% indica. The respected breeders at Colorado Reserva Privada developed it.

This strain unique strain combines the tasty Haze genetics of Panama Punch with the delicious purple punch strain flavors found in the award-winning LA Confidential.

When you encounter purple cannabis Flowers, you will be greeted by a compelling blend of fruity aromas mixed with subtle spicy notes. When smoked or vaporized, it offers an earthy and purple weed strains flavor.

The LSD Tabs genetic makeup of this strain is a powerful fusion of hurricane og and sativa properties, resulting in a joyful and euphoric cerebral high that is nola hurricane strain  ideal for combating pain and discomfort and purple bud is generally suitable for daytime use.

Common side effects

  • Alert
  • calm
  • Dry eyes
  • Bad mood
  • Decreased appetite
  • Nervousness

THC content

  • Highest test result: 18%
  • Average effort: 15%
  • Medium Sativa: 13.5%
  • Wikileaf average: 18%
  • Highest reported Wikileaf: 35%

Purple hurricane in popular culture

References in Movies and Books

Purple hurricanes have also left their mark on popular culture. They Berry white strain and hurricane weed have appeared in films and books and often symbolize themes of unpredictability, wonder, and the sublime power of nature.

The symbolism of purple hurricanes

These Big Chief Blackwater OG storms have become symbols of the unpredictable nature of life and serve as metaphors for the unexpected challenges we all face.

Preparing for a Purple Hurricane

Security measures

Being prepared for a purple pebbles strain is crucial. Understanding safety measures, such as protecting your home, having an emergency kit, and knowing evacuation routes, can save lives.

Evacuation plans

Local sources play a vital role in securing the safety of residents during purple hurricanes. Evacuation plans and clear communication are essential to minimize the impact of these storms.

Why does the sky turn purple after Hurricane Michael?

In the case of Hurricane Michael and other hurricanes, raindrops, the setting sun, and low clouds contributed to creating a purple sky after the storms passed.

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