What are Mushroom Chocolate Bars?

Both eating and making tea with magic mushrooms leave users with the same impression of an earthy flavor. Due to the unappealing flavor profile, individuals have developed more tasty alternatives to eating magic mushrooms, which is why illicit foods like mushroom chocolates are becoming increasingly popular.

The only difference between mushroom chocolates and other chocolate bars is that they include all of the psychoactive properties of mushrooms. The initial taste of mushroom chocolates is delicious but can quickly cause sensory overload.

How strong are these Mushroom Chocolate Bars?

Magic mushrooms are best swallowed as they provide a stronger high, but the chocolate mushroom bar makes it easier to enjoy every bite as it eliminates the poor, earthy taste. After eating a mushroom chocolate bar, psilocybin is converted to psilocin as the body processes it, causing perception to be altered in more ways than one. The heady, euphoric high can kick 20-40 minutes after ingestion, while the full high lasts up to six hours.

What is microdosing, and what does it do?

Many magic mushroom users advise microdosing or taking tiny doses of the drug as the ideal way to experience the mind-altering benefits without going overboard with your psychedelic proclivities. It is done to benefit from the therapeutic properties of substances like cannabis, LSD, and in this case, mushrooms, all of which, when consumed in microdoses, can have calming and creative effects.