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Wonder Bar Chocolate Mushroom


The Wonder Bar Chocolate Mushroom is a delectable treat that combines the rich flavors of chocolate with the whimsical essence of mushrooms.


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The Wonder Bar Chocolate Mushroom is a delectable treat that combines the rich flavors of chocolate with the whimsical essence of mushrooms. This unique confectionery masterpiece captivates the senses and transports you to a world of enchantment.

At first glance, the Wonder Bar Chocolate Mushroom is an intricately crafted work of art. Its exterior boasts a velvety smooth coating of premium dark chocolate, Wizard trees glistening with a subtle sheen that hints at the indulgence within. The wonderbar mushroom chocolate shell is shaped like a small mushroom, with a stout stem and a delicately curved cap, capturing nature’s beauty.

Buy Wonder Bar Online

Wonder Bars are one of our newest products from CannaBanana Edibles. A Wonder Bar is 100% organic and contains only wonder bar mushrooms-infused banana bread baked in One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar 3.5g Denver’s highest-quality dark chocolate.

Each bar contains 10mg of THC. They are making it an easy solution for patients who want relief without smoking or vaping their medicine.

Wonder Bars look like high-quality dark chocolate bars and provide great taste and an enjoyable experience every time you take one bite. Wonder Bars can be eaten anytime and anywhere because they are individually wrapped.

It makes them convenient to eat on the go. They also come in Chocolate Banana Bread, Coconut Banana Bread, and Peanut Butter Banana Bread. Wonder Bars is a great gift for friends and family who enjoy cannabis or edibles.

Including The Clinic Colorado Dispensary in Denver and Harvest of Tempeh & Kush in Fort Collins. And The Green Solution Dispensary in Boulder. If your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry Wonder Bars yet, ask them to contact us so we can get it into their store!

The History of the Wonder Bar

The wonder bar shroom was created in California by an anonymous medical marijuana patient experimenting with various recipes to relieve his back pain quickly after much trial and error (and plenty of stomach aches).

He found that adding fresh shiitake mushrooms to low-dose chocolate candies alleviated his pain in Wonderbar psilocybin without making him feel stoned.

Wonderbar Mushrooms

Wonderbar mushrooms are chocolate bars infused with psilocybin from magic mushrooms like psilocybe Cubensis. Wonder bars are among the highest-quality psilocybin chocolate bars on the market. The mix of psilocybin extracted from mushrooms and hot chocolate allows for a much purer high.

The one-up mushroom first appears in Super Mario Bros. In this game, it has green spots on a yellowish-orange bowler hat. They are usually found in Hidden Blocks or areas where Mario must risk his life to acquire one. They are quite uncommon in this game; The ones in the first levels of the worlds can only be won by grabbing all the coins from the third course of the previous world. In World 1 and World 8, however, there are two hidden 1-Up Mushrooms, more than Mario can find in any other world in the game.

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  1. bato james

    Kaitlin (Verified Purchase)

    This is my first time of eating wonder bars and i loved it.

  2. bato james

    Robertson (Verified Purchase)

    I ate a whole bar on an empty stomach with oj and the only thing that happened was I achieved the most uncomfortable body high I’ve ever felt in my life. I don’t take any meds either and it was my first time ever trying to trip on anything.

  3. bato james

    Leona Merritt (Verified Purchase)

    If u eat half the bar and u have ur trip can u still eat the other half the other day and still have a trip ?

  4. bato james

    Cleo Jones (Verified Purchase)

    I just got 2 4g @wonder.bars (27) doses per bar, incredible tasting chocolate and took just two and a half before work man it was strong then when I got home ate half a bar and I was gone and ive done my fair share of heroic lsd doses but only time i did shrooms before was in high school an me an a buddy had 7gs each and really was just a crazy body high, but everytime i do mushys my anxiety goes so far as to feeling like im going to have a heart attack and practically freak out for like a hour or so and i even took a xanax and just could not calm myself are they always like that? I really wanted to get into them because of how much I hear they help with anxiety but seems to really cause it uncontrollably for me?

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