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The Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate Bar goes beyond mere culinary pleasure. It is a catalyst for self-discovery, a gateway to expanded consciousness. The carefully curated blend of premium chocolate and thoughtfully sourced mushrooms ignites your imagination, opening doors to unexplored realms.


Embark on an extraordinary journey where delectable flavors blend seamlessly with mind-expanding sensations. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your consciousness with the Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate Bar. This exquisite creation transcends the boundaries of ordinary confectionery, offering a truly unique and magical experience.
Crafted with the utmost care and precision, our Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate Bar combines the finest ingredients with the potent essence of nature’s most enigmatic Huautla Magic Mushrooms fungi. Each velvety smooth bite transports you to a realm of transcendence, where flavors intermingle with the wonders of the mind.

What steps are taken to make Chocolate Mushroom Trippy Treats?

Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolates are a type of chocolate to which psilocybin mushrooms have been added. The psychoactive chemical psilocybin is found in psilocybin mushrooms, which are a type of mushroom. When you take psilocybin, 1cp-lsd can make you feel psychedelic.

Microdosing is the process used to make Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolates. Small amounts of psilocybin are mixed with chocolate to make a safe product for blueberry ak strain review. Each chocolate has a small enough amount of psilocybin that won’t make you feel psychedelic.

What are the benefits of Trippy Treats Chocolate Mushrooms?

Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate is meant to be a safe and easy way to take psychedelics. The candies are made with hallucinogenic mushroom chocolates, a type of chocolate with chemicals that make people feel high. People say these chocolates can improve mood, clear mind, and enhance spiritual experiences. Trippy Treats is a company that makes chocolates that taste like psychedelic drugs. The company’s best product is Mushroom Chocolate, made with mushrooms containing psilocybin. Trippy Treats Mushroom Chocolate is meant to be a safe and easy way to take psychedelics. Trippy Mushroom Chocolate is a type of chocolate that has chemicals that make people feel like they are in a dream. People say these chocolates can improve your mood, clear your mind, and enhance your spiritual experiences.



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  1. Russo (Verified Purchase)

    I dont trust these things at all. I had a third of a bar a week ago and I’m still dealing with stomach pains.

  2. Edward (Verified Purchase)

    This bar sucks I’m sorry 😭 trippie isn’t a lyricist but way better bars than this one

  3. Waters (Verified Purchase)

    Hey, have you had the opportunity to try these out yet? my order just arrived and I’m hesitant on what dose I should take. It’ll be my first time so I’m trying to do as much research as possible. Thank you in advance!

  4. Malone (Verified Purchase)

    My girlfriend tried 2 squares her first time ever doing shrooms. It did absolutely nothing but the next day she ate 5 squares and had the craziest day of her life.

    Apparently she was in candy land, shot rainbows out of her hands and at one point she flipped off her leg cause she said her leg was talking shit.. I would for sure recommend these quite hilarious!

  5. Green (Verified Purchase)

    The chocolate was delicious and the effects were great

  6. Preston (Verified Purchase)

    Mastermind. I had the cookies and cream, but it’s honestly nauseating after a few pieces, and eating a whole bar was… a challenge. So if you decide to track them down, maybe go with the dark chocolate or milk chocolate variants. They come in 1.5-3g bars. Little bit expensive but good quality IME, even just 1.5g had me tripping balls.

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