Oolong + Orange Blossom


Natural hibiscus and lime come together with our unique psychedelic blend of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract to deliver a mild mood-boosting experience with a little bliss in every sip.


Oolong + Orange Blossom For Sale

Enjoy the kava’s natural advantages in Oolong + Orange Blossom Water, a contemplative substitute for alcohol. Kava offers a distinctive sense of relaxation and clarity without the drawbacks of conventional drinks, thanks to its relaxing and mood-enhancing effects. With the extra assurance that comes from making a healthier, more balanced decision, take pleasure in your social interactions and quiet periods of meditation. With our energizing take on iced tea, embrace the transforming potential of Psychedelic Water and improve your way of life.

This energizing beverage encourages self-control, personal development, and power by striking the ideal balance between sweet and unsweetened flavors. This energizing mix will awaken your senses and strengthen your journey with its floral oolong tea, vibrant citrus notes, and a touch of vanilla.


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The World’s First Psychedelic Water Walmart is a mood-boosting fusion of Kava, Damiana, and Green Tea crafted for fluid thinkers.

  • Calories: 10 %
  • 12 oz Can
  • Complex: Kava Root, Damiana Leaf, Green Tea
  • Body: Vegan, Alcohol-Free, Kosher 
  • Style: Sparkling Water

This homage to new possibilities is tantalizingly juicy, just right light, and slightly effervescent, and it delivers an ego-booster. Our psychedelic blend has been combined with natural prickly pear that has traveled from the dry, arid desert to awaken and enhance your senses.


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