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Clarity Capsules


The benefits of Clarity Capsules extend beyond just cognitive enhancement. By unlocking your mental potential, you’ll experience a newfound sense of confidence and control over your daily activities. Whether you’re a student looking to excel in your studies, a professional seeking to maximize productivity, or an individual striving to stay mentally sharp as you age, Clarity Capsules offer a holistic solution to support your goals.


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Enter Clarity Capsules, a groundbreaking solution designed to unlock the full potential of your mind. Developed by a team of leading scientists and neurologists, these capsules are revolutionizing how we approach mental focus and productivity. By leveraging cutting-edge research and advancements in cognitive enhancement, Clarity Capsules provide a unique blend of natural ingredients that support optimal brain function.

Herbal Supplements for Mental Clarity

Besides Clarity Capsules, there are many natural and healthy ways to improve cognitive function and mental focus. Promoting overall health and well-being by adopting healthy lifestyles LSD Gel Tabs rather than relying solely on supplements for cognitive enhancement is important.

It has been demonstrated that psilocybin, lion’s mane, and niacin support memory, focus, and 5-MeO-DMT Cart 5mL. Lion’s Mane supports appropriate glucose levels, immunological function and safeguards against age-related cognitive decline. Niacin supports a healthy metabolism, promotes heart and circulatory health, and aids in converting food into energy. Including green tea extract enhances overall well-being by promoting brain health.

Each bottle contains 30x capsules.

  • Psilocybin Mushrooms – 100mg
  • Lions Mane Mushrooms – 100mg
  • Niacin – 50mg
  • Green Tea Extract – 150mg
  • Ginger Root Extract – 50mg

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  1. Crosby (Verified Purchase)

    Thanks mushroomssales for my order but i will like to share something;
    I took mine and it was a great experiment, but you need to be careful about the company/extract you use. Most companies (like the one you used in the video) use the mycelium of the mushroom for their extracts because it’s cheaper and easier to manufacture. The downside to this is that extractions made from mycelium contain little to none of the beneficial compounds that you are looking to get from taking the supplements. If you want to take a supplement that actually contains the polysaccharides and triterpenes, you need to get an extract made from whole fruiting bodies, not mycelium. As far as memory goes, I doubt you’ll see a change from taking the supplement either way, but you will definitely notice increased focus and mood benefits if you take a supplement made from the whole fruiting body.

  2. Ochoa (Verified Purchase)

    Day 1- 500mg, I sat in the same spot and worked for 6 hours straight. Haven’t done that in mannnny years. Did not expect sudden results whatsoever. Just what I needed and ordered for.

  3. Bentley (Verified Purchase)

    Appreciate the effort mushroomssales put into making sure we get the right products.

  4. Hussein (Verified Purchase)

    My products arrived safely and I love the delivery process it was smooth.

  5. Glover (Verified Purchase)

    Not sure for normal people how these work but for anyone who has neurological issues or nervous system issues these mushrooms are insane. They help tremendously.

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