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AK-47, also known simply as “AK,” is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain intricately crafted from a fusion of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghan strains.

Don’t be fooled by its formidable nickname: AK-47 promises a relaxing and calming experience. What develops is a sophisticated amalgamation of flavors and effects.

AK-47 has the potential to provide a consistent and long-lasting cerebral high, keeping your mental faculties sharp and engaged in creative or social activities. Although it gives off an acidic and earthy aroma, Gelato 41 sweet and floral nuances really shine in its flavor.

Cherry AK 47 Strain Features

A distinguished hybrid strain, Cherry AK 47 boasts a pronounced tart fragrance that has earned it several awards. The buds of this variety are large and tightly clustered, adorned with spreading, sticky orange hairs.

These gorgeous nuggets showcase a vibrant lime green hue, complemented by a layer of sticky resin and glistening white trichomes.

In terms of flavor, this Best White Gelato Cake hybrid strain offers a sweet and skunky flavor profile supported by subtle woody notes. Its aroma is a delicious fusion of acidic and earthy elements, with spicy, skunk and spicy touches.

Medical Uses of Cherry AK 47 Strain

The Cherry AK-47 strain offers a host of medicinal benefits, including potent relief for various health conditions. Its powerful effects are effective in relieving chronic pain, stress and depression, as well as mitigating anxiety and mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and ADD/ADHD.

Additionally, this hybrid strain improves mood and encourages feelings of happiness, sociability, and fun. Woke Smoke Seeds also serves as a reliable remedy for insomnia, inducing deep and peaceful sleep.

Additionally, Cherry AK-47 may help cancer patients by mitigating the negative effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Its therapeutic applications extend to combating inflammation, arthritis, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Possible adverse effects

As with any strain of cannabis, people who consume Cherry AK-47 may experience a number of side effects. Typical reactions include the common cases of dry mouth and dry eyes.

In rare cases, Cherry AK-47 may also cause feelings of dizziness and paranoia.

To mitigate these effects, we suggest staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after using the Cherry AK-47 variety. Additionally, we recommend that users start with a small dose and progressively adjust over time to determine their optimal intake.



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